Make walking the highlight of your day.


WalkPal is a mobile application designed to encourage people to go on walks and spend time outdoors in green spaces on a regular basis. Its personalized features motivate users to go on walks and interact with green spaces habitually. You can customize the WalkPal application by deciding your route and your walking goals, choosing to walk individually or work towards goals as a group, tracking your walking progress, and earning unique badges. WalkPal also lets you snap your best walking moment, explore the surrounding nature during the walk, and build your own nature collection through the plant ID feature. Together, these features make WalkPal a positive addition to anyone’s life, encouraging people to walk regularly, engage with nature, and work towards healthier habits.

Xuan BuiProject Manager, UX Designer

Cindy Fu- Product Designer, Visual Designer

Li Tang – UI/UX Designer

Yousef Sayed – UI/UX Designer

Lars Vik – UI/UX Designer 

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Imagine you are a busy working adult who always feels exhausted after every work day. Get reminders to go on walks, collect badges, discover new trails, and use the plant identification feature during your walk to engage with nature. Learn how WalkPal makes walking the best part of your day! 

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Our team noticed that the challenge for people living in suburban areas is finding time and motivation to spend time outside every day. So, we created WalkPal, a mobile app to encourage people to walk and connect with nature. The app makes walks more enjoyable by using gamification with badges and social features like creating a group for a walk. It also has a plant identification feature to help users learn about their surroundings. WalkPal aims to connect people with nature and others.