Discover a new way to build your habits, Literally!


Habitate is a mobile application made by and for college students – particularly those who struggle to keep their head above water when it comes to organizing their school, work, and personal lives. By organizing and completing tasks with Habitate, users will build and grow an entire virtual world of their own.

Choose a theme, pick what goes in your unique landscape, and visit friends’ habitats as you build your habits right alongside them.

Machi Dima – UX Researcher

Dylan Dang – UX Researcher, Visual Design, Game Design

Dilara Kal – UX Researcher, Interaction Design, Game Design

Danyl Stephan Kok – UI/UX Design, Visual Design, Branding, User Research

Ryan E. TorgesonUI/UX Design, Visual Design

Maraki Yewondwossen – Visual Design, UX Researcher

Check out a few of the features of Habitate from creating your own tasks, to customized Focus Sessions!

Our team discusses our interesting story behind how we came together, how are group started out as an outlier, and how our number of members affected the overall design process. We discuss how we started, our research, our testing, and each have a unique look at what we accomplished on this project.