Change the way you focus.


Hourglass is a modern take on the traditional timer, designed to promote focus and good study habits. It ditches the conventional countdown display and instead uses holographic technology to create a visual representation of time passing. This eliminates the potential distraction and stress caused by watching numbers tick down.


By incorporating visual cues, Hourglass aims to make time management more engaging and visually interesting. This novel approach has the potential to help users stay productive in a way that feels appealing and motivating.

Addison PannUI Designer, User Research, 3D Modeling

Alex Hochhalter – Product Designer, Visual Designer

Ella Silvas – Visual Designer

Noura Abdelkader – UX Designer, Graphic Designer

Struggling to stay focused at your desk? Try the Hourglass visual timer to set study sessions and enjoy watching the visuals change as time passes.

Watch our project unfold, from defining its scope and brainstorming ideas to prototyping and delivering the final product.