2022 Interactive Media Design Cohort

It was through the strife of our age that we found ourselves taking our next steps into our futures. As our lifestyles adapted and ideologies shifted in the context of a troubled world we remained for each other. Like-minded individuals with kindred interests make up this cohort of ours. Artists, graphic designers, developers, photographers, project managers, sound designers. These are a few of the passions the people within hold dear to themselves.

Through tribulation this class has bonded and become family. Yet now, as capstones end development and callings to future careers are revealed, another chapter of the Interactive Media Design program approaches its close. Though the memories, good and bad, will be remembered by them beyond the end.

Please feel free to click on the images to learn more information about each cohort member.

Aaron Ellsworth

Alexandra Blaskovich

Brandon Mach

Bryan Yee

Christine Jahng

Ciera C Waller

Daniel Suh

Eden Chung

Elliot Blaufuss

Enija Ward

Evelyn Durbin

Jason A. Estrada Vargas

Jessica Paz

Jheron Abellar

Jiahui Su

Joseph Hayashi

Josephine Hartono

Justina Le

Katharina Mei-Fa Brinschwitz

Kenneth Nguyen

Kyley Hsu

Lauren Albanese

Robert Castillo

Sana Fatima

Satveer Kaur

Tal (Jonathan) Shechtman

Tom Novak

Vlad Ustsiamchuk

Wyatt Olson

Zane Marcinyshyn

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