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The cohort of 2019 hails from many backgrounds, from artists, and graphic designers, to marketing specialists, project managers, to developers and researchers. Each person brought with them their own unique perspective and experience inside and out of the classroom.

Throughout the 2 years, they’ve grown together and bonded over projects and get-togethers. Now graduates, they’re seeking their own endeavors in life, whether that brings them far away or somewhere closer. The cohort’s beginnings were tumultuous like any other, but the memories created and experiences shared shine as bright as the paths in front of everyone.

Angela Birchman

Andrea Brado

Alex Brighton

Rena Chen

Stephen Epperson

Devyn Grillo

Jacob Hanser

Paramdeep Hehar

Mingbin Huang

Roman Isakov

Melissa Jones

Kevin Laird

Nicole Lee

Jeffrey Leung

Su Li

Jacob Luna

Sergio Mejia-Manzano

Rutuja Nehra

Julian Ngo

Jeff Oh

Kyle Rhodes

Jimmy Seifert

Leah Shin

Benjamin Siev

Colin Smith

Chelsea Tao

Hannah Tashiro

Tammy Tran

Junior Tran-Thien

Yin Yin