— delve

delve was a one-night pop-up exhibition that explores the critical intersections of art, design and emerging technologies. The goal of the exhibition was to demonstrate how the students explore design tangibly through six innovative, collaborative projects. 

From immersive art installations to iOS apps to games, guests were invited to touch, play, and interact with these innovative projects. Each project had a wall in the Activities & Recreation Center (ARC) on which students posted demonstrated they delved deeper into the human-centered design process, from concept through prototypes and testing to final product. 


Gender Vender






2019 capstone event made possible by

Faculty and staff

Abraham Avnisan

Mark Chen

Wanda Gregory

Arnie Lund

Sara McDermott

David Socha

Special thanks

Lorrie Cain

Christy Cherrier

Ted Hiebert

Maxton McGuire

Jim Raymond

Rachel Raymond

Mr. and Mrs. Siev

David Wall

Class of 2020

Yuyu Dai

Hannah Ferry

John Kim

Kyle Olason

Cynthia Sanchez

Christa Tebbs

Exhibition LOgistics

Abraham Avnisan
Alex Brighton
Rena Chen
Stephen Epperson
Nicole Lee
Su Li
Jacob Luna
Sergio Mejia


Jeff Oh
Jimmy Seifert
Benjamin Siev
Colin Smith
Rachel Raymond
Hannah Tashiro
Tammy Tran
Junior Tran-Thien


Andrea Brado

Su Li

Kyle Rhodes

Benjamin Siev

Hannah Tashiro

Yin Yin