ALL in one cat owner help tool, with cute animation and useful features. 


Nekopaw is a comprehensive mobile application designed to cater to the needs of cat owners and potential cat owners. Its personalized features, including customizable homepages and feeding schedule recommendations based on individual cat information, make it easier for users to manage their cat-related tasks. The app also provides professional information on cat care, behavior, and knowledge, aimed at educating cat owners and helping them better understand their feline companions. For potential cat owners, Nekopaw is an excellent resource to learn about cats before adopting one, reducing the likelihood of frustration or misunderstandings. Nekopaw fosters a sense of community among cat owners and potential cat owners, where they can exchange information, share experiences, solve problems, and make friends. Additionally, the app offers a platform for users to keep track of their cat’s information, including medical records, feeding schedules, and reminders for appointments and grooming. With Nekopaw, cat owners have access to all the necessary information and tools they need to take care of their cats conveniently in one place.

Ramya Sandadi

Siying Chen




Introducing Nekopaw, the ultimate companion for every cat owner! Experience the joy of seamless cat management with innovative features like personalized feeding schedules and interactive playtime reminders. Stay organized with veterinary appointments and medication reminders. Join the Nekopaw revolution and unlock a new level of happiness and harmony in your cat-owner journey. Embrace the future of cat ownership with Nekopaw—the cat owner’s best companion!

Embark on a captivating journey through the creation process of Nekopaw, the groundbreaking app designed to revolutionize the lives of cat owners worldwide. Join our passionate designer as they unveil the inspiring back story behind Nekopaw, showcasing their unwavering dedication and user-centric approach that influenced its development. Immerse yourself in the collaborative brainstorming sessions that breathe life into Nekopaw’s innovative features, driven by a profound understanding of cat owners’ unique needs. Engage with captivating interviews that offer a glimpse into the daily lives of cat enthusiasts, capturing their heartfelt interactions with their beloved feline companions and uncovering the pain points that Nekopaw seeks to address.

This capstone project was developed by three students (Siying, Ziyu, Ramya) from the University of Washington, Bothell, who are enrolled in the IMD (Interactive Media Design) program. IMD focuses on various aspects of digital interactive design, particularly UI/UX design. As part of our program, we embarked on a 6-month capstone project that provided us with the opportunity to choose a topic of our interest. Being passionate about pets and recognizing the existing demand in the market, we decided to undertake a project centered around cats.