Outfit planning made easy.


FitPlanner is a dynamic app that revolutionizes wardrobe management by allowing users to digitize their clothing items with ease. By uploading photos of their wardrobe, users can effortlessly organize their clothes, plan outfits, and receive personalized style suggestions. The app also provides style inspiration, helping users make the most out of their existing wardrobe and discover new looks. With FitPlanner, users can track what they’ve worn and stay stylishly organized, making fashion planning simple and enjoyable.

Ethan DithUI/UX Design

RJ Mao – UI/UX Design

Evan Hoang – UI/UX Design, User Research

Maya Totonchi – UI/UX Design

Struggling to plan your outfits? Meet FitPlanner, outfit planning made easy. With AI-powered recommendations, customized styling tips, and a seamless scheduling feature. Transform your wardrobe and elevate your style effortlessly with FitPlanner.

Experience our project’s development, from outlining its scope and generating ideas to prototyping and finalizing the product.