What is Interactive Media Design AT uwb?

IMD provides students with an expansive understanding of the processes and methods involved in conceiving, creating, and evaluating technology-mediated experiences.

IMD students create media products ranging from video and immersive artworks to web-based and platform-specific apps while working in collaboration with their peers.

With its interdisciplinary approach to interaction design and emphasis on studio practice, IMD enables students to develop creative solutions to complex problems.

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2020 has been a surprising year for many, worldwide. For the Interactive Media Design seniors of 2021, we aim to reflect on the surprises and challenges that the pandemic has inflicted upon us. The way the world has been functioning before cannot be reciprocated in the future. 


Seven teams have worked on seven projects that change the way we see accessibility, navigation, concerts, interaction, truth, games, and communication. Together, we worked on redefining normal.

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