The Fate of the SS Fortuna

A multi-reality sci-fi murder mystery Escape Room for 2 players.

You have been hired by the company Starpoint Cosmonautics to investigate a mysterious catastrophe. A small research spaceship called the SS Fortuna has crash landed on Earth, mysteriously empty of its crew. The only remaining crew member is the ship’s AI. Its core is badly broken, missing several parts and most of its memory, but it’s still on and it very much wants to know what happened to its crew – so much so, that it’s not going to let you leave until it finds out!

The only things at your disposal are the items left on the ship’s bridge and the AI’s scrambled memory banks.  Can you work together to figure out what happened on this disastrous voyage?


Simon Topo Vincini – Programming, Light and Sound Engineer

Anna Arkhipova – Narrative, UI Design, Gamemaster

Julia Peng – Art, Narrative, User Research

Murray Behar – Set Design, 3D Modeling, User Research

Nik Doces – Set Design, Graphic Design

An introduction to the escape room The Fate of the SS Fortuna. Discover the premise of its story, the conceit of its puzzles and game mechanics, and the aesthetic of its set design!

The behind-the-scenes of the escape room The Fate of the SS Fortuna. Get a glimpse of the team’s process from beginning to end, and the team’s takeaways from working on this project!