Comfy Aquarium

Welcome to Comfy Aquarium, an idle-style game designed to create a tranquil and soothing environment for players seeking relaxation. Dive into a world of serenity as you build and customize your very own virtual aquarium. As an idle-style game, Comfy Aquarium embraces a laid-back gameplay approach. While you can actively interact with the game, Comfy Aquarium is designed to provide a soothing experience even when you’re not actively playing the game. Watch as your fish gracefully swim, aquatic plants sway gently with the current, and ethereal music fills the air.

Spencer JongGame director/game designer/UI designer

Spencer Pruitt- UI designer/sound

Hanyue Shi – Artist/editor



Our front end video showcases some of the features in our game, Comfy Aquarium. This video is designed to be a trailer for the game while still showing all necessary parts of it. The first segment shows game progression from when you first start out to once you reach a more end-game aquarium. The video then transitions to show the color selector and different colored fish that players can obtain. The next section features the decoration system and other customizable options. Finally, the video ends by showing several examples of aquariums that players can create and design.

This video explains our journey through this project and what kind of design processes we used to create our game, Comfy Aquarium. We started with a pretty solid idea of what kind of game we wanted to design. Our research led us to the specific issue of stress and anxiety and we decided that this was something that we could design a solution for and incorporate into our game. After our research phase, we began planning and brainstorming more specific features that we could add into our game. Once we finalized our plans, we began to start building our game through wireframing, illustrating, and prototyping. Throughout the prototyping process, we conducted several user research tests to determine if the product that we were creating was working. We found that while some things were working, there were also some features that needed to be refined or reworked. In addition, we acquired the help of two game developers to assist us in bringing the game to life through code. Once we got closer to a finished product, we were able to conduct more usability tests to determine what could be improved. Through this, we were able to find small changes that could be made to make large improvements. This cycle will repeat so that we can continue improving Comfy Aquarium.