John Kim

Project Manager, Website Development, User Experience


Kyle Olason

VR Development, Social Media Coordinator, Public Relations, User Experience


Maxton McGuire

User Experience, UI Design, Social Media Design


Christian Ignacio

VR Development, UX Engineer


Julie Hung

User Experience, App Design, UI Design, Social Media Design


Yuyu Dai

VR Development, Video Experience Production

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In the near future, we predict that Urban Air Mobility (UAM) will become a common solution for your daily commute. With a sharply rising working population in urban spaces, people will continue to be pushed further outside of the cities. Using Virtual Reality (VR), we provide a simulated experience of what the UAM journey will be like. We have crafted the type of interactive experience that can help anyone wrap their head around this soon to be reality. 

The initiation of UAM development from major rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft in collaboration with the automakers, we wanted to design an experience that imagines how that reality might look like in our daily lives. We have aimed to explore discussions around safety, comfort, trust, and ease of use that come with new services and the complexity that is required more than ever before. Our integrated web experience with VR takes users through each step of the process from booking your ride to traveling to the new transit stations, and finally riding in the new eVTOL (Electronic Vertical Takeoff and Landing) vehicles.