Andrew McDonald

Software Developer


Luc Demoulin

Project Manager


Giovanni Iriarte-Young

UX designer


Javad Goudarzi

Experience Researcher


Enclavs is a social platform for audio-based content creators. We help to solve the problem of shallow and under-informed conversations by providing context to content. The content being images and titles, while the context is the audio narration provided with the given image. This allows for users to have deeper and richer conversations, as well as better ways to vocally express themselves in a highly visual world.
The Great question about the social media landscape right now is, what’s next? Although the current landscape of social media is at its peak popularity amongst the few apps that control the top spots, we know that there is a huge demand for specific features for niche audiences. Enclavs wants to lean into the fact that there is an increasing demand for audio and voice-centric tech. We also strive to cater to audiences that might not be able to best express their vocal skills on visual platforms.
Our platform breaks down into 2 majors types of functionality, short-form, and long-form content. Users can create 10 – 60 second “Shorts” that can be strung together in groups of 5 to express a thought or engage with their audience. They can also create 3 to 10-minute “Stories” that allow them to provide value and entertainment to audiences while monetizing their craft. We aim to cater to audiences such as poets, storytellers, traditional comedians, and a plethora of other types of creators whose craft lies in sound more than sight.