2022 IMD Capstone

The Interactive Media Design class of 2022 is pleased to invite everyone to the IMD 2022 Annual Capstone Exhibition. Join us at the University of Washington - Bothell campus on Monday, June 6 2022 7-8pm. The event is located in Discovery Hall room 252.

Within the event, you will be able to experience the various capstone projects the cohort has made, and experience the behind the scenes of the produced projects. Talk with the designers, and ask them questions about their processes, their exhibition products, and their career goals. We hope to see you there!

2022 Capstone Projects

Below are the capstone projects of the IMD 2022 cohort. Blood and sweat and time have been dedicated to these works.
They are meant as the culmination of our efforts, histories, and intent, coalesced into one project representing who they are.
Come, and discover.


In it to Pin it

P. A. R. T.

Physical Augmented Reality Therapy


Spotify Moments




Jessica Paz

Aaron Ellsworth

Jason A. Estrada Vargas


Ciera C Waller


Justina Le


Wyatt Olson

Brandon Mach

Joseph Hayashi

2023 Assistance

Anna Arkhipova