In the last 15 years alone, humanity has seen a significant boost in technological advancements. Urban development is at an all-time high and expansion is easier than ever, but with this continuous spread of civilization across our globe, one of the lesser known and discussed environmental hazards is the effects of light pollution on the world around us.


Lumen is an interactive installation which aims to address this issue. We constructed a diorama of a cityscape and a two-channel ceiling-to-floor projection of a night sky. The installation invites participants to experience an otherwise impossible live comparison between the night sky of a brightly lit city and one that is free from excess artificial lighting, with just a flick of a switch. Our goal with Lumen is to create a thought-provoking experience that creates engagement and encourages a wider discussion beyond the installation itself.


Paramdeep Hehar
Jeffrey Leung
Julian Ngo
Rutuja Nehra
Hannah Tashiro